Episode 239 – The biggest lie working creatives tell ourselves

Episode 239 The biggest lie working creatives tell ourselves

Today's Topic – Creatives have many excuses for stopping being creative, however telling ourselves we have time is the worst excuse.

As creatives grow up, we often tell ourselves we will work on the art later because we will have time later. I hope you do, however, life might not give you the time you want.  Join Michael and I as we go into the very personal topic.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • We will have time to do this later
  • Why we lie to ourselves
    • Family
    • Work
  • Why the lie can cause us problems
    • Burnout
    • Stress with family
  • The Truth
    • You do not have to become an author
    • You need to create and share it with your loved ones.
  • What you can do today
    • Find at least one hour a week to work on your creative endeavors
    • Strike a deal with your loved ones to protect the time
    • Protect the same about of time for them.

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Real-world Task

What you can do today list

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