Episode 240 Let’s Build a death rite for the baurhdrakkeim

Episode 240 Let's Build a death rite for the baurhdrakkeim

Today's Topic – Creating a new ritual for the baurhdrakkeim

Today Michael and I are creating a cultural rite for death for the baurhdrakkeim. They are at the center of the first series of novels that I am working on.  This is not relevant to the stories to date. However, we thought it would be fun for this episode. So join us as Michael guides me through the process.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Questions I like to think about when worldbuilding a new ritual
    • What does the culture believe happens after death?
    • Is the afterlife here or somewhere else?
    • What should the survivor do once a person dies?
      • What happens if they do not?
      • Do the benefit if they do it correctly?
    • Are there conditions that change the rite?
    • Is there magic either sympathetic or active
    • does this believe change
    • Does the rite extend past people?
    • Are there variations in the religion, think Orphic 
    • How complex is the ritual?
    • Does the person have to do something before they die?
    • Can the religious ceremony be used for other things?
    • Fear or accepting of death
    • Does the end benefit the local ecosystem?

Worldbuilder's Task

Build a death rite in your fantay world.

Real World Task

Take action and show love to the people you love.

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