Episode 241 – 5 tips to make your stories more compelling

Today's Topic – We always worry if our stories are compelling, try these 5 steps

One of the most common worries I hear from creatives is they are worried about making more compelling stories. This could be a topic for an entire podcast.  However, Michael and I identified the 5 most important ways you can make a more interesting story.

Join Michael and I as we discuss this topic and leave a comment on ways you make stories more compelling.

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Podcast Show Flow

  1. More depth to characters
    1. The villain with a soft spot
    2. The flawed hero
  2. Know the characters before you start the story
    1. Short stories about there background
    2. Write stories about them interacting with the other main characters
    3. Create stories about them engaging in the environment.
  3. Give time to connect readers to important characters and places
  4. Plan out your scene
    1. Know your characters and props needed
    2. Make sure there is conflict happening in the scene
    3. Be willing to start closer to the conflict or action in the scene
  5. Do not use exposition to catch readers up.
    1. Add small stories or interview exposition as you introduce characters.

Worldbuilder's Task

Start delivering a story to someone else

Real-world Task

Delivering stories is something that improves with practice. Do not give up! If you never say or write your story out, you will never know how good you are. You will only know that you have not done it.

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