Episode 246 The Big Fantasy Genre Breakdown

Episode 246 - The Big Fantasy Genre Breakdown

Today's Topic – A Look at the Types of Fantasy

Today Michael and Jeffery are talking how we think you can look at the subgenres as a creative when you are looking to figure out exactly what to create in next.

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Podcast Show Flow

How to pick your Fantasy subgenre

  • Why are you looking?
  • GM vs Sharing Creative
  • What do you like?
  • Read, play, and watch
  • How popular is the genre:
  • How well versed are you in it.
  • What do you love about it
  • What would be the problems of using it
  • Can I get players or fans invested?

Fantasy Subgenres Guide via BestFantasy Books

  • Earth Based
  • Allegorical Fantasy
  • Alternate World Fantasy
  • Anthropomorphic Fantasy
  • Arcanepunk Fantasy
  • Arthurian Fantasy
  • Assassin Fantasy Books
  • Bangsian Fantasy Books
  • Christian Fantasy
  • Celtic Fantasy
  • Comic/Humorous Fantasy
  • Coming-of-Age Fantasy
  • Court Intrigue Fantasy
  • Crossworlds Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Dying Earth Fantasy
  • Epic Fantasy
  • Erotic Fantasy
  • Fables/Fairy Tale Books
  • Fantastic Romance
  • Fantasy of Manners
  • Futuristic Fantasy
  • Gaslamp Fantasy
  • Gritty Fantasy
  • Hard Fantasy
  • Heroic Fantasy
  • High Fantasy
  • High Historical Fantasy
  • Historical Fantasy
  • Juvenile Fantasy
  • Legend-Retelling Fantasy
  • Literary Fantasy
  • Low Fantasy
  • Media-tie-in Fantasy

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