Episode 248 How do ideas spread

Episode 248 How do idea's spread

Today's Topic – How do technology and cultural ideas spread?

I was asked a great question about how technology spread by Lee. And to be honest this leads to the great question of how do ideas spread. Join Michael and I as we talk in depth about the way the process works in real life and how can we use this when creating fantasy worlds.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Inspired by my learns from Edwin Barnhart, Ph.D. and Professor Amanda H. Podany, Ph.D
  • Things to consider
    • How much influence does Magic play on Travel and Communication
    • Do you have a mix of Agrian, nomadic, or pastoral
    • How secretive are they with the idea
    • How hard is it to duplicate
    • Are there people in the middle that will cause problems
    • Who has contact?
  • Who has the time to come up with new idea's and why food matters
  • Where do people move
    • Rivers, currents, mountain passes
  • Before Localized cultures
  • After localized cultures
  • After the bronze age

Simple solution: Map the access

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Map out your lines of communication

The Real World task for the day

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