Episode 249 The six traits of worldbuilders

Today's Topic – What kind of worldbuilder are you

I am a geek and I was thinking about the traits of a worldbuilder. Not just what makes us makes us a worldbuilder or how we worldbuild, but the attributes that affect how we build worlds. I am interested in exploring this to find our if we better identify how we build worlds we could maybe find out a better way for ourselves to FINISH worlds. Join Michael and I as we explore the six traits of why we worldbuild.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Why this is important?
  • How to play along at home
  • 1st What is the type of worlds we prefer to make? Or World style trait:
    • Alien, Earthlike, or Earthbase
  • 2nd How much we need to know about the world before we think we are done? Or the Need Trait:
    • Scripted, extemporaneous, impromptu
  • 3rd What we want to share about our or the Sharing Trait:
    • Realistic acknowledged Fantastic
  • 4th How do you use your get inspired? or the Creative Trait
    • Concrete, sensed, Abstract
  • 5th What part of worldbuilding interest us? or the Omphalos Trait:
    • How can you ask me to pick, I cannot say, I love my youngest
  • 6th How free our we from the harsh lessons of life? or the Inner child trait
    • Would be principal. Wishful youth, Lost Child

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