Episode 250 How to use real-world cultures without outright mimicking or appropriating

Episode 250 How to use real-world cultures without outright mimicking or appropriating

Today's Topic – Okay you want to world build a fantasy culture with the mimicking or appropriating

To be honest, this was a tough topic requested by Jonathan in our Facebook group, “The Fantasy Worldbuilder's Undercroft” The tough part of the question is it is two questions. How to create a fantasy culture inspired by culture and How to do to not culturally appropriate.  Join Micheal and Jeffery as the talk about worldbuilding a culture without copying or appropriating the culture.

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Podcast Show Flow

First will talk about how to avoid appropriation.  Inspired by a fashion article, “The Dos and Don’ts of Cultural Appropriation.”

  • What is cultural appropriation and is it defacto terrible?
    • Realize we live in an area where people are looking for reasons to be outraged. Someone might get outraged no matter what you do.
    • There is no checklist to explain to creatives how to prevent cultural appropriation
    • Research and have an appreciation for the cultures you are inspired by an opening talk about their influence
    • Aviod strict tropes about that culture in your use of the culture
    • Talk to people and get their feedback

How to create a fantasy culture inspired by a real-world culture?

  • When starting, you should steal cultures and redress them.
    • This is for practice
  • What you are looking for?
    • Focus on patterns, not details
    • Where do they live?
      • What resources are important to them.
    • What do they eat and how do they get their food?
    • What do they believe?
    • How do they structure their society
    • What technology do they have?
  • Then look for a place in your world?
    • What are the differences in the areas?
    • How does magic influence the culture?
    • Do they have extra or missing technology?
    • Do the natural colors change?

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create an inspired culture and fit it into your world

The Real World task for the day

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