Episode 251 The Undercroft Q&A

251 The Undercroft Q & A

Today's Topic – Many topics one episode

So we have done several episodes recently about individual questions from members of the undercroft.  This episode will cover several questions that I did not think I could talk about for an entire episode.  So other thanks must go out to our Facebook Undercroft Group.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Lee How to design a high magic world without creating “magic superheroes.”
  • Evan and Robert – influences by other author’s work and concerns about being too similar
    1) similarity with other’s works,
    2) use of ordinary fantasy terms/beings(i.e., elves, orcs, dwarves) and their characteristics
    3) “influence/homage” versus “plagiarism/copycat” in one’s work.
  • Does seeing similar ideas (constructs, characters, deities, cultures, etc.) paralleled in separate worlds bother you?

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Think about your influences, look at their work and judge how much impact they have had on you.  Then ask someone you trust to do the same thing after they do ask them if it reminds them of other works? (Try not to lead the witness.)

The Real World task for the day

If you get stuck, worldbuilding or you want to world build but do not think you can, go to HowToWorldbuild.com and sign up for a simple course that goes over how to build a city. It covers all the aspects of worldbuilding without all of the difficulty or judgment.

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