Episode 252 Looking at Historical Fantasy Fiction for creators

Episode 252 Looking at Historical Fantasy Fiction for creators

Today's Topic – Looking back to make it up with Historical Fiction

All the way back in episode 246 we set the stage for looking into the fantasy genre. This episode we take our look into the Historical Fiction Genre.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • What is historical fantasy fiction?
    • Historical earth setting
    • Limited to existing myths or logical
    • details should be linked back to some event
  • Tightly related genres
    • Arthurian Fantasy
    • Christian Fantasy
    • Cultural… ie Celtic
  • Pros
    • History is filled with great stories
    • Earth has a wide array of cultural myths for you to build of off
    • Can draw interest to people who typically do not like fantasy
    • Reason to research history or mythology
    • Traditional (DnD) Magic rarely makes sense
  • Cons
    • Worldbuild MUST conform to what it was like
    • Risk of reading like a history textbook
    • Research can be tricky
      • History as a political tool
      • Changing evidence for what we know
    • Traditional Magic rarely makes sense
    • High risk of criticism … too much western European or cultural appropriation
  • Interesting works
    • Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
    • Excaliber
    • Britannia
    • HBO's Rome????
  • Interesting stories
    • 4th Century Roman Empire
    • Viking arrive in North America
    • European contact in the Americas
    • Arab invasion of Persia
    • Axum and the Ark!
    • Europeans land in New Zealand
  • Who does it work for
    • Lovers of history and mythology
    • People who whose Creative Trait is concrete.

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Think about a story from history you would like to make

The Real World task for the day

Do not think you can create a world for historical fiction check out the foundations of worldbuilding course.

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