Episode 258 – What We learned About Storytelling from watching the Hallmark Channel

Episode 258 – What We learned About Storytelling from watching the Hallmark Channel

Today's Topic – Hallmark Christmas Movies are like a Romanic Fantasy Adventure, and no this in not a drinking game


I must admit something. I love Christmas movies. I have watched hours and hours of Hallmark Christmas movies. You might think they are horribly formulaic and they are. However, I have learned two very important lessons about them. They are great for learning structure for stories and they are … Fantasy movies.

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Podcast Show Flow

  1. Formulas are not evil
    1. Hint Genre is a formula
    2. Romance and Erotica at the bestselling books
  2. Making them familiar like family
  3. Christmas is a community celebration, Family, and Faith
  4. One of the leads use to love Christmas or the hidden Grinch
  5. Love taking story inspiration from classics
    1. The hidden Christmas Carol
    2. Pride and Prejudice
  6. The Big bad foe
  7. Use Tropes for characters
    1. The Odinic Wanderer, The Spiteful one, The Unlucky one, the sappy one
  8. Magic abound both high and low magic
    1. Artifacts and Magicians
    2. Plus the season its self
  9. If you do not worry if people know it is a formula you can crank out the work so have fun with it
    1. Give Characters formula names for a bonus

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