Episode 259 – Rethinking Architecture

And make it our best friend

Episode 259 – Rethinking Architecture

Today's Topic – The Vaulted topic

I have always thought very utilitarian about creating the architecture for my fantasy setting. What do the people have? What do the people need? What is important to the people?  However, I have come to the belief that I missed 2 very important considerations. Join Michael and Jeffery as they rethink architecture.

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Podcast Show Flow

  1. What did I think?
    1. Realm needs, Resources and culture
  2. What is new?
    1. Needs of the rulers and class separation
  3. What type of architecture?
  4. What type of Resources?
  5. What is made with the Recourses?
    1. Are any reinforced?
  6. What about Luxury Resources?
  7. Basic questions?
    1. How secure are the people, and the leaders?
    2. What shapes are important to people?
    3. Where are their sacred sites?
    4. Families, clans, tribes, ethic, citizen, or none
  8. Palace construction
    1. Public facing, working spaces, government spaces, religious spaces, or residential
  9. Public what does the government provide?
  10. Private
    1. How are homes built
    2. How does it fit into the urban or village setting

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