Episode 260 Let’s Build a Castle

Today's Topic - Down By the Bay

Episode 260 Let’s Build a Castle

Today's Topic – Down By the Bay

The orcs came, the saw, the conquered; but they never left. Join Jeffery and Michael as the do a preliminary build of the Castle of Many Arrows situated high up on a cliff overlooking the old port city of Kleinpharas.

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Podcast Show Flow

  1. The Castle of Many Arrows / The Citadel of Kleinpharas
  2. A Quick History
  3. Location
  4. Recourses
  5. Ruler Needs (Bludjest, Reginal Grembadas, Raban Unhirriem)
  6. Luxury needs
  7. Public Facing
  8. Public Facilities
  9. Working Sections
  10. Residences

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create an Orc Fortress

The Real World task for the day

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Michael's Resources

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