Episode 263 Looking at Grimdark Fantasy

Episode 263 Looking at Grimdark Fantasy

Today's Topic If you are writing grimdark. The characters are not going to have a good day.

If Horror had a child with Epic Fantasy and the child and the child has a really bad attitude it would be named Grimdark.  Join Michael and Jeffery as the look at the

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Podcast Show flow

    • Understanding Grimdark
    • What it is not?
      • It is not horror
      • It is not epic fantasy
      • It is not anti-epic either
      • It is not dark fantasy
    • What it is if the last four items where relegated. Grimdark would be the child of all of them that was treated poorly its entire life.
    • Pros
    • Cons
    • Interesting works
    • Interesting stories
    • Who does it work for?

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