Episode 267 Stop Worldbuilding, Jeff is not a worldbuilder

Episode 267 Stop Worldbuilding, Jeff is not a worldbuilder

Today's Topic Worldbuilder has lost its meaning.

Maybe I should stop looking through worldbuilding sites online. I see so many people get stuck on worldbuilding. More to the point, I see people who call themselves worldbuilders get stuck on what it means to make your world realistic.

I personally have had it. I cannot consider myself a worldbuilder any more. I create fictional fantasy settings. Join a shocked Michael as the talks to Jeff giving up on the worldbuilder moniker.

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Podcast Show flow – Stop Worldbuilding

  • Yes I will still use worldbuilding skills
  • What has a worldbuilder become to mean?
    • The nameless force behind a “realistic” realm with magic and/or spaceships that travel faster than the speed of light.
  • The problem
    • Ph.D. in geography, geology, astrophysics, physics, chemistry, evolution, geography, and linguistic
  • What we should be doing?
    • Creating a fictional setting
    • With a purpose
    • Focused on immersion, not raw facts
  • Brainstorm a better name than world builder
    • Fictional-setting artisan
    • BSer
    • Fantasy BSer

Worldbuilding Task

Look at your plans, do you have the skills to achieve everything

Real World Task

Join the Facebook undercroft group and tell me what I should call myself!

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  • James says:

    I am glad you brought this up. For a while now, my perfectionism has been poked by the harsh critiques of these other forums.