Episode 269 Timeloop Fiction – The Anvil goes looping

Episode 269 The Anvil goes looping

Today's Topic How we Timeloop Fiction

So we are looking to run a story with a timeloop. So Michael and Jeffery talk a bit about what we would make good story elements when time keeps repeating.

So join us as we start the timeloop.

So we are looking at … nooooooo we are in a timeloop fiction

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Podcast Show flow – Brainstorming

  • What is a timeloop
  • Important Items for
    • What causes the timeloop to repeat
    • The Protagonist
    • The Antagonist ????
    • Day 1
    • Alternate Scenes
    • Random Scenes
    • Closing Scenes
    • What are the irritations?
    • What are black herrings?
    • What breaks the timeloop?
    • Is there other limiters?

Worldbuilding Task

What is the timeloop in your world?

Real World Task

Share the quick idea about your timeloop in the Facebook undercroft group the undercroft.

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