Episode 273 Brainstorming worldbuilding classes for a fantasy culture

Episode 273 Brainstorming worldbuilding classes for a fantasy culture

Today's Topic Let’s brainstorm some jobs for the people of a fantasy nation

So, Jeff was working on classes for his very-side-indie RPG video game and thought that brainstorming worldbuilding classes for a fantasy culture would be a great episode

We often think about fictional characters in a vacuum.  However, many people who live around each other have many of the same skills.  So why not use classes when you worldbuild.  It will save you time creating characters in your fiction, and lots of time if you are creating new classes for your RPG world.

Join Michael and Jeff as they brainstorm character creation in a fantasy culture.

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Podcast Show flow – Brainstorming

  • Classes for world building vs RPG game
  • What jobs are needed to be done to survive?
  • How do they fight?
  • How is magic performed?
  • What about holymen?
  • what common skill are used by the people
  • Dissecting a culture for classes Baurhdrakkeim bronze age
    • Warrior Culture, hands-on type
    • Most Classes are farming and labors
    • Craftsmen
    • 7 Clans are warrior types
      • Lutteim (Axe)
      • Ichlutteim (Throwing Axe)
      • Hirreim (Broad Sword)
      • Veintraccqureim (Pike)
      • Traccqureim (Spear)
      • Balfquareim (Pick Axe Polearm)
    • Hunters Slingers, Bowman, Staff Slingers, Javelins
    • Bandits
    • Sailors
    • Carver
    • Seer

Worldbuilding Task

Create classes for your fantasy culture

Real World Task

It is spring get out of your house.

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