Episode 280 Do I have a Writer’s Block? (And how to overcome it)

Episode 280 Do I have a Writer’s Block? (And how to overcome it)

Today's Topic Writer’s block can happen to anyone!

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  • What is Writer’s Block
  • What we tell ourselves
    • I am not good enough
    • The work is not good enough
    • I am just too lazy
    • I do not have the time
    • I am too stupid
    • I am not a writer
  • 3 Areas of Writer’s Block
    • Imposter’s Syndrome
  • “Stop asking if you belong and start asking if you’re being of absolute service every day.” – Brendan Burchard
    • Fear
      • Prep
      • Start working especially when your brain is screaming stop you are …
    • Lost
      • Research just want you to need to do
      • Find a structure you understand
      • Start
  • Fixing it
    • Define the Problem
    • Find three solutions, one would be doing what you are doing now
    • Figure the probably good and bad result of each
      • Effect you and your relationships
    • Pick the one that most suits you

Worldbuilding Task

Start Writing for 15 minutes when you feel blocked

Real world task

Get outside and do something in nature

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