Episode 283 Realism is the wrong goal… in fiction

Today's Topic Why do people think realism is even possible, stick with believable.

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  • Podcast Show flow

    • The Search for realism
      • Cultures
      • Races
      • Magic?
      • Technology
    • What is wrong with it?
      • The world is messy, the audience wants to understand
        • Stranger than fiction
        • Sergei Brukhonenko & Experiments in the Revival of Organisms
      • People often make choices that are contrary to their character
      • Nature and natural selection are hard to understand or guess at
      • Takes too long
    • You should replace the search of realism with believable
      • Make approximations that seem real to you
      • Share your ideas and test them on people to see if they call it believable they might even use the word realistic.

Worldbuilding Task

Give up on the search for realism and start producing work.

Real world task

Explore a local town

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