Episode 286 Secret Episode: Starting a new setting in cWoD

Episode 286 Secret Episode_ Starting a new setting in cWoD

Today's Topic Nashville By Night

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Podcast Show flow

  • Nashville
  • Theme to Nashville By Night
  • Geography (Map in ShowNotes)
  • Points of Interest
    • Downtown
    • Badlands
    • Picket
    • Centennial Park
    • grand ole opry(Ryman Auditorium, House and Gaylord hotel)
  • Politics
    • Prince – William Cowper
    • Seneschal – Black Prince of England Brujah
    • Keeper of the Elysium – Toreador
    • Keeper of Centennial Park – Brujah Hessen General
    • Sheriff – Nosferatu
    • Harpy- June Weaver
  • Clans
    • Brujah – German – Audrey Murphy
    • Gangrel – Franklin
    • Malkavian – Brentwood
    • Nosferatu – ??
    • Toreador – Broadstreet Ella Fitzgerald
    • Tremere – Belmont / Hillsboro
    • Ventrue -Midtown/Vanderbilt
    • Caitiff – Bakerstown
    • Assimite – Centennial park or Downtown
    • Ravenous – Franklin

Worldbuilding Task

Start a new setting

Real world task

Do not suck peoples blood! Really

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