Episode 292 Secret Episode: History of Nashville by Night

Episode 292 Secret Episode History of Nashville by Night

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  • Episode 286 Secret Episode: Starting a new setting in cWoDTheme to Nashville By Night
  • This list is not everything, I would share
  • Point of Deviation and subversion
  • These are the key things
  • Alterative History of Nashville
    • April 30th 1892 Ephraim Grizzard was believed killed in 1892
      • Turned into a Venture, All events appeared to happen as reported
    • April 24th 1895 The Flu epidemic of Nashville.
      • City cut off by Grover Cleveland
    • Great Flood of 1927, really hit the Downtown and west end of the city
    • June 6th 1953 Eisenhower is assassinated by Walter Rauff
    • 1956 Construction starts on Interstate 24, 40, and 65 all in Nashville
      • No evidence what found linking the
    • Oct 6th 1957 The Opry House Scandal breaks President Nixon is part owner of company that profited by the construction boom by the reporter Douglas Edwards
    • January 7rd 1958 Sevier Aerospace launched maiden flight of Minuteman supersonic Passenger test plan is makes its first flight from Nashville to London in under 4 hours
    • January 8nd 1958 Douglas Edwards is killed in car accident in the Catskills Walter Cronkite becomes the news anchor and CBS stope reporting on the scandal
    • 1962 Nashville becomes the 10 Largest city in the US.
    • 1987 Nashville passes Chicago at the 3rd largest city

Worldbuilding Task

Think about the events in your timeline and how they effect what happens to your world

Real-world task

Have a backup plan

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