Episode 297 Upcoming…

Episode 297 Upcoming…

Today's Topic –  What we want to see and play

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Podcast Show flow

  • Books
    • The Testaments
  • Games
    • Ghost Recon
    • Episode 285 Bloodlines 2! The blood is life. https://gardul.com/blog/episode-285-bloodlines-2-the-blood-is-life/
    • Cyberpunk 2077
    • The outer worlds
    • Mount and Blade II
    • Baldur's gate 3
    • Watch Dogs: Legion
  • Movies or TV
    • The Witcher
    • The Wheel of Time
    • The Cursed (Updated King Arthurian)
    • Dune
    • Many more

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  • Nice lists, guys. I wasn’t aware they were going to do a Witcher movie. Thats sounds awesome!
    They’re already out, but a couple of games popped into my head while you were talking. Jeff, if you haven’t seen it already you might like Greedfall. And Michael, if you like turn-based tactical games, you HAVE to check out XCOM Long War 2!