Episode 3: Stop looking for your Worldbuilding Inspiration

Worldbuilding inspiration is all around us

Finding Worldbuilding Inspiration

Creating fantasy worlds are at my core. I remember once I was when I was in school.  The teacher came up and yelled at me for reading the encyclopedia.  Shock and outrage overtook me.  Why would you stop an elementary school child from the process of learning?  I was not trying to look up dirty words like most of the other kids. I wanted to learn about the Roman Empire.

Unfortunately, the teacher was right.  We would not start learning world history until I was in middle school.  I need to focus on the lessons at hand. I am an erratic explorer in life.  I love to learn, but I will often distract myself from the important things to learn from life that is just beyond the book in front of me.  However, as a world builder, this process has always helped me.  Check out this inspiration a learn a bit about how I find inspiration from life to help me build better fantasy worlds.

Enjoy the episode and comment below to let me know what you get inspiration for your fantasy from in life.

Today's Topic – How to find Inspiration for worldbuilding?

  • How to find Inspiration for worldbuilding?
  • How Not to find inspiration
    • Copy another person’s work
    • Take exact cultures and transplant

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