Episode 302 Zombies Are Real(ish)

Zombies Are Real(ish)

Today's Topic – The Really Real Walking Dead

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Podcast Show Flow

  1. Inspired by a Yahoo! News Article,
    1. Zombie studies: The scientists taking the living dead seriously
  2. Thank you Scientific American… Basically Episode 79 is real
    1. Real-Life Zombies
    2. Zombie Carpenter Ants
  3. What is a zombie?
    1. “someone who moves around as if unconscious and being controlled by someone else:” – Cambridge
  4. Google Scholar 77,900
  5. Types of Zombies
    1. Undead Zombies
    2. Magic Zombies
    3. Parasite Zombies – Warm Bodies
    4. Pathogen Zombies
    5. Drug Zombies
    6. Virus Zombies (Tech Zombies)
    7. Media Zombies
    8. Political Zombies
    9. Worker Zombie
    10. Electric Zombie / Science Zombie

Worldbuilding Task

Eat brains

Real-World Task

What kind of gamer 4 Types Of Gamers And Learner Engagement?

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Real-Life Zombies

Zombie studies: The scientists taking the living dead seriously

Episode 79: Ant Zombie Over Lords



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