Episode 307 Story at the basics

Finding the basic building blocks of stories

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Why is it important to know what a story really is?
  • What a story is not?
    • A structure
    • Theme or meme
    • Outline
    • A Goal
    • Elements (Setting, Characters, Plot, Conflict, Theme, Point-of-view, Tone, Style)
    • This list can go on forever.
  • A story is an explanation of an event (Conflict) that is exchanged between people.
    • You need to explain important points before and give the resolution to help the other people satisfaction that the story is complete
  • Jeff’s 6 Steps to a complete story
    1. Before the Story (BS)
    2. The Incident
    3. The Strike
    4. The Fallout
    5. The Run
    6. After The Story (AS)
  • If you want a longer story repeat steps 3 and 4
  • Character arcs should be this structure inside if your story
  • Subplots should follow steps 2-5

Worldbuilding Task

Write a basic story

Real-World Task

Look at your world and create a story to host your setting

Michael's Resources

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