Episode 309 New Year’s Holidays

Today's Topic – Why do you think 1/1?

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Why
    1. Families are not just around in the holidays.
  • What are the problems
    1. What if the family does not support my dreams?
    2. Stopping the family drama
    3. What to do when you think your toddler or infant is out to get you?
      • Learning, lack of impulse control and hormones raging.
  • How do I let go?
    1. Let your kids be a kid, redirect them. They are not out to get you.
    2. Manage yourself
    3. Get your sleep (7-9) hours
    4. Transition
    5. Release meditation

Worldbuilding Task

Come up with a fictional New Year holiday

Real-World Task

Commit to improving yourself, do it for 60 days


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