Episode 319 Digging your world for Details, Part 1

Today's Topic – You are missing the forest and team

Episode 319 Digging your world for Details

Today's Topic –  You are missing the forest and team

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Podcast Show Flow

  • This week on Worldbuilding Team
  • Worldbuilding it great
    • but we focus on the large
    • or the smaller
    • they are both too big
  • Details create the iconic love
  • Moments, connections, even phrases
  • Iconic details that make stories memorable
    • I Am Spartacus
    • When henry meet sally, “I will have what she is having”
    • Birth of the Alien
    • He slimed me
    • As you wish

Worldbuilding Task

Make a story with your family, or friends online

DeScriptors, or Online Roll20

Real-World Task

Keep flatting the curve

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