Episode 325 How your world should speak to your message

Episode 325 How your world should speak to your message

Today's Topic –  Let’s Build the Before the Story, part 2

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Podcast Show Flow

  • What is your message? Theme or sub-text (this could be the whole show really)
    • Examples: Dune: Struggle, Wonderland/Oz : Wonder and escapism
  • Physical characteristics of your world can(should?) be metaphors for the conflicts of the characters within it
  • Re-examine. Why do you want the world to be a certain way? Does is align with the story/message you are trying to tell?
  • Change what needs to. This does not mean strapping a bunch of hard-worked worldbuilding, it could simply be a matter of changing a reason for things to be the way they are. Re-framing is a powerful tool in worldbuilding and in life. Broken wine glass story

Worldbuilding Task

Create a story within a story

Real-World Task

Share something you have learned or done because of the pandemic

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