Episode 328 The ultimate secret to relaxing

Episode 328 The ultimate secret to relaxing

Today's Topic –  The true path to relaxing

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Why do you need to know the true path to your relaxation?
    • More Creative
    • More confident
    • More decisive
    • Happier
  • The problem with not knowing your true path
    • Attempts to relaxation leads to guilt. Guilt to fear and fear leads to the dark side
    • Or really escapism which leads to Anxiety and then to Burnout
  • What is the true path to relaxation
    • which future self excites you
    • Living Above your μ (Mu) your X Bar
    • Spending time actively visualizing it every day
    • Taking a new step towards it.

Worldbuilding Task

Create a story for a group to get stuck and see how they fix it

Real-World Task

Look for new solutions to problems plaguing you

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