Episode 331 Fallout TV the good, the bad, the ugly

Episode 331 Fallout TV the good, the bad, the ugly

Today's Topic –  Turning Video games into video

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Podcast Show Flow

  • The news
    • Amazon, Westworld Creators, Bethesda Studios
  • The good
    • A recent effort like the Witcher
    • Rich world
    • Dark the different levels of humor
  • The Bad
    • The history of Video games to movies. mortal Kombat
    • 76
  • The ugly
    • The wart on my…
    • The Mario movie

Worldbuilding Task

How have you decided to work with diversity in your world… or not

Real-World Task

Join the undercroft to share your sympathy with Michael for having this dumped on him half recorded at the time of recording

Michael's Resources

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The Teaser


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