Episode 339 The power in lying to yourself

Episode 339 The power in lying to yourself

Today's Topic –  The Bad, Ugly, and Good about lying to yourself

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Lying to yourself is not all bad

  • The bad
    • Danger of entitlement
    • Self- Sabotaging
    • Can cause errors in decision making
  • When
    • The emotions, good or bad, are absolute
      • I must win this time
      • If I write a book everyone will hate me
    • cognitive dissonance
    • To protect yourself (Not always good)
  • The good
    • The power in your word
    • Alerts you to faulty thinking
  • How to use it to your advantage
    • Tell yourself you are good at it?
    • Create Triggers to replace the sick up feeling with excitement

Worldbuilder's Task

Create a conman character to bilk you out of money. If you ever meet someone like this character avoid them

Realworld Task

Gardul.com/Audible try out the book Triggers Creating Behavior That Lasts – Becoming the Person You Want to Be

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