Episode 40: Types of Governments in Fantasy Worldbuilding

Today's Topic – Types of Governments in Fantasy Worldbuilding

  • Power of the state
    • Anarchy
    • True democracy
    • consent of the governed
    • Limited Monarchy
    • Authoritarian
  • How do rulers come to power
    • Birth
    • Personal traits
    • Appointed by divine source
    • Appointed by previous leader
    • Coup
    • Random selection
    • Election
  • How is the transitions of power handed
    • Peaceful
    • Violent
    • War
  • How are rights earned
    • Natural Rights
    • Rights granted by rulers
      • Nepotism
      • Forced by the mob
      • Reward
  • Who owns what?
    • Individuals own property
    • State owns property
  • Is the stated tied to a religion
  • What do you call your state?  List of common government types 
  • Special thanks to  Nick

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Take a state in your world and think define the type of governments it has had.

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