Episode 5: Fantasy and Technology do mix

Got Tech?

Fantasy and Technology do mix

What is the better Science Fiction, Star Wars or Star Trek? I have been asked that question more times than I can remember.  I think it is the wrong question because Star Wars proves that science and technology can mix.  The Force is magic.  It might have a spaceship or two, so I guess you could also call it science fiction.  However, at its heart.  Star Wars is sword and sorcery. Think Excalibur or Beastmaster 2… well not that one, but I hope you get the point.

There is nothing wrong with setting you fantasy world at any technology level. You can mix it with science fiction or take the J.S. Morin path and just use magic to get to space.

In this episode, I will consider many starting point for technology in fantasy stories.  They all do not need to be medieval fantasy.  However, there is a reason that troupe sells books.

Enjoy the episode and comment below to let me know what type of technology you have in your fantasy world

Today's Topic – Technology Breakdown

  • Stone Age
  • Bronze Age
  • Iron Age
  • Early Medieval
  • Late Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Pre-Industrial
  • Industrial
  • Early Global
  • Global
  • Solar System
  • Short Interstellar
  • Universal
  • multiverse
  • Extra Dimensional

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Determine the Technology for your world. Check out all the GURPS books and visit Steve Jackson Games

The Real World task for the day

Prepare your lunch ahead of time, so you are not rushed in the morning going to work

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