Episode 57: Do you microclimate?

Today's Topic – Do you microclimate?

  • What is a microclimate
    • Created
      • Magical, supernatural, or technological
      • Structures
      • Dams
    • Natural
      • Maritime
      • Highlands
      • Craters
      • Caves
      • Magma
  • Why should you consider microclimates
    • Makes the world feel more natural

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The Rating

This is an intermediate topic

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Look at the maps for your world, identify areas that the climate might vary from the surrounding area

The Real World task for the day

Cut your to do list in half via Forbes

The Tease 1 Minute

World Explorer: Middle Earth

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  • Norvaljoe says:

    I have micro climates on the Galactic Battle base

    There are fifty floors, each roughly 15 km by 15 km, square, and 5 meters high. That give the base a total surface area equal to (almost) the size of Connecticut.

    There is a redwood park on one of the levels. It’s 1000 meters wide, 7500 meters long and 15 levels (or 75 meters) high. It has a simulated earth day and night with sun, moon and stars, wind and weather.

    Some levels have parks, sporting fields, and swimming pools.

    There are also whole levels dedicated to agriculture and other food production. Again, with simulated day and night, rain and wind, humidity, etc.