Episode 58: Erratic Explorers visit Middle Earth

Today's Topic – Erratic Explorers visit Middle Earth 


  • Special thanks to One Wiki to Rule them all
  • Basics
    • The 800 pound Gorilla for fantasy worlds
  • Races
    • Humans
    • Dwarves
    • Elves
    • Ents
    • Orcs
    • Goblins
    • Hobbits
    • Gaints
    • Trolls
    • Spiders
    • Wraiths
    • Wolves
  • Places
    • Misty Mountains
    • The Great Sea
    • Mirkwood
    • The old forest
    • Gap of Rohan
    • Moria
    • Mordor
    • Brandywine River
  • States
    • Mordor
    • Gondor
    • Rohan
    • Rivendale
  • Languages
    • Adûnaic
    • Black Speech
    • Khuzdûl
    • Rohirric
    • Westron
    • Valarin
  • Why it works
    • Devilish details
    • Map with the books
    • Rich history
    • Deep lore
    • Division of good verses evil


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