Episode 64: Baurhdrakkiem Carver Magic

Fantasy Worldbuilding: Shaping a magic system to the Baurhdrakkiem

Today's Topic – Baurhdrakkiem Carver Magic

  • Inspirations
    • Norse Runic Magic
    • Classic D&D Magic-User magic
  •  Carver
    • Creating temporary
    • A Learned Magic System
      • Time
      • Shaping
      • Summoning
    • Must learn how to cast the magic to learn it.
      • Better you know the spell the easier it is to do
    • Shaping and summoning are skills that you learn
      • Speaking, breaking, or thinking
  • Common Traits
    • Magic Harmony(Must Have)
    • Curse of Thrax
    • Magic Sight
    • Genetic Memory

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The Rating

This is an intermediate topic

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Adapt or create a spell system for a fantasy culture

The Real World task for the day

Be Flexible

The Tease 1 Minute

Earth from Fallout

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