Episode 67: Baurhdrakkiem Calanders

Example of a Worldbuilding Fantasy Calender

Today's Topic – Baurhdrakkiem Calendars

  • Influences of thecalender
    • Solar year 363.1 days
    • Weeks are 11 days one
      • Sun Day
      • Moon 1 Day
      • Moon 2 Day
      • 5 visible objects day
      • Nebula Day
      • Star Day
      • Planet Day
    • Cwerin Major lunar Calender (Evolution of months)
      • Cycle of the large moon is 33 days
    • 4 Major holidays marking the changing of the seasons
    • 1 Holiday every 10 years (for the leap year) The day of second chances

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The Rating


The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Take a major change to your culture and modify the calender

The Real World task for the day

Get rid of three things that you no longer use in your life.

The Tease 1 Minute

Shire Calender

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