Episode 76: From inspiration to a new race part 2

Part 2 of Let's build a new Insect Race

Today's Topic – From inspiration to a new race part 2

  • Physical Size
    • Worker's
      • .5-1.5 Feet Tall and 1.5-2.5 feet long
      • 25 lbs
      • Can explode themselves to release toxic venom
    • Solider
      • 1.5-2.5 Feet Tall and 2.5-3.5 feet long
      • 45lbs
      • Nasty pinchers
    • Flying Male
      • 5 Feet Tall and 7 feet long
      •  100lbs
      • Winged that are remove when the fertilize a queen
    • Queen
      • 4 Feet Tall and 6 feet long
      •  40 lbs
      • Lay 100s of eggs a month … not millions
      • Lay eggs
    • Short lived 5-35 years
    • Natural organs
    • Do not speak, use chemicals and writing to communicate
  • Homes
    • Live in mainly build down colonies
    • Eat fungus from inside the nest
    • Queens to not leave unless the colony cannot support
    • Foreign quarters are near the surface
  • Traits
    • Communal living
    • Curiosity towards plant life
    • Great strength can lift 15-30 times their weight
    • Colony first

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