Episode 78: Worldbuilding topic Race to culture part 3, Plus more

Suprise changes at the Worldbuilder's Anvil and more

Today's Topic –  Surprise changes at the Worldbuilder's Anvil

  • Show changes after our Worldbuilder's Topic
  • Race to culture part 3 of Building and insect race
    • Norms
      • Duty to Colony
      • Job Choosing
        • Warrior Houses
        • Worker Houses
      • Leaderless
    • Information Check out episode 76
    • Religious Basics
      • Battle of the gods
        • Sun
        • The Planet
        • The Moon
    • Evolution
      • The multi-queen state
      • The Mountain vs the plains
    • Traits
      • Hatred of Dwarves
  • Changes in format
    • Weekly based Thursday Release Date 12:00AM
    • Segments from a worldbuilding perspective.
    • The use of guest host… more to be announced on that going forward
    • Worldbuilding topic first every week
    • Segments tips on worldbuilding
      • Building a culture
      • Building a Race
      • Building a monster
      • Building a language
    • Am I your Avatar
      • Tips from lover's of Fantasy and Science Fiction about what they like
    • Art Tips
    • What coming up
    • Erratic Explores moments
    • Indie Games
    • Video Games
    • Books
    • Short Stories and mores
    • I will still do author interviews.  They will be separate episodes released on Saturdays at 12:00 AM

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The Rating


The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Build the basics for races culture

The Real World task for the day

Attend conferences #PNE15

The Tease 1 Minute

Episode 79: Let's Think of a fun monster

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