Episode 79: Ant Zombie Over Lords

Welcome to Micheal Miller, Let's build a new fantasy monster, Am I your avatar

Today's  Worldbuilding Topic – Let's build a new fantasy monster

  • Hello World for New co-host, Michael Miller
  • Let's build a new fantasy monster, Ant Zombie overlords
  • Inspiration
    • Started out of a joke with Matthew Bannock
    • Old Zombie movies
    • Deer attack!
    • Original monster created was the salt zombie
  • Goal
    • A that small is scarier then large
    • fear of loss of control
    • cause a moral dilemma
  • Physical
    • tiny tan ant 5 mm
    • Eat brain matter
  • Monster
    • Colony which builds harvesting outpost
    • Workers will create an outpost in the brain of a human.
    • Scouts will colonize human bodies to find more food.
      • return to harvest site before body loses body
    • victim will go crazy, die very quickly
    • food returned to nest
    • Will migrate if when food wiped out

The Rating


Am I your avatar?

  • Who are you? Michael Miller
  • Tell us a bit about your yourself?
  • What is your current passion?
  • What type are your favorite genre(s) or are you a one title person?
  • What is your preferred media format?
  • What is your first experience where you knew you loved speculative fiction?
  • What is the first title that comes to mind?
  • What is your favorite title?
  • What would you as for more of from the people who create the content?
  • What would you ask for less of from the people who create the content?
  • Where is the best place for people to chat with you on the Internet?

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a new monster?

The Real World task for the day

Stop over  thinking and start doing


The Tease 1 Minute

The Cosmos of Gardul

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