Episode 87: First you made your fantasy world… now blow it up part 2

Societies and Culture after your big bang

Today's Topic – Societies and Culture after your big bang

Michael and Jeffery talk about how worlds are reconstucted after they are destroyed in horrific ways in various forms of fiction.  If you missed our first apocalyptic look at fantasy worldbuilding.  Check out part one!

  • a look back when Gardul blew up
  • Fallout of my world into a look at society scenarios
    • How much is left of your old world
    • How many people are around
    • Is the old world evil?
    • How far are you from the evert? (Place and time)
    • How does the new economy work?

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The Rating

It is very hard to blow up your world

Micheal's Picks

Fallout 4 – PlayStation 4
The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a new society in your world

The Real World task for the day

Contribute to society.

The Tease 1 Minute

Part 3, The Rebuild

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