Episode 91: Why we play games

And not the mind games...History of games in early cultures

Today's Topic – Why we play games

  • Michael and Jeffery set a record of 37 seconds without trying to mess each other up.
  • Why we started playing games
    • Sports / Hunting and running
    • The Run down hunt method
    • Games to learn how to fulfill basic needs
    • Add in chance and game theory
  • Gamification
  • Using games to impress
  • Prosperity Tax
  • games show us what we are good at
  • We play games for relaxation and fun
  • Jeffery learns that real world time
  • The meaning of life

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Michael's Pick's


Dead Space


Fallout Shelter

Clash of Clans


The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create games for a world

The Real World task for the day

Why do you like your favorite game, break it down.

The Tease

Books for Worldbuilder's to read.

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