Episode 95: Fantasy Worldbuilding Economics 101

101 being the number of the beast's cousin's sister's boyfriend

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Today's Topic – Fantasy Worldbuilding Economics 101

  • This is not meant to judge the correctness of actual real world economics.  GO MISES! (Except for this line)
  • Do pick a school or schools to evolve your economics. Cheat sheet Link form Pragmatic Capitalist 
  • Do Not try and force everything to fit the schools you pick perfectly… That would be the pretense of knowledge
  • The Basic Path of how a economy grows Wiki Article on Economic Anthropology
    • Collective sharing
    • Value Theory
      •  Intrinsic Value
      • Objective Value
      • Labor value
    • Basic Exchanges start to form
      • Market
      • Gift
      • Commodity
    • Barter
    • Money
    • Credit
    • Banks
    • Advance economics start evolving after the economy shifts from an agricultural to industrial
    • Do not over think it, just understand the flow of it

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Review your economic and evolve it from

The Real World task for the day

Find your “Why?”

The Tease

Building a Basic Economy.

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