Season 2 Episode 13 Rebuilding the Worldbuilder


Today's Topic – Self-care because we Care about you


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Podcast Show Flow

  • Move it or Lose it
    • Physical activity
    • Caring for your body
    • Eating right
  • Great Food/Health Documentaries
    • The Game Changers
    • What the Health
    • Fed Up
    • Food Inc
    • Forks over Knives
    • The Magic Pill
    • Rotten
    • Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dying
    • Hungry for Change
  • Clean your Mind
    • Positive Self-talk
    • Letting go of Negativity
    • Thoughts and actions that serve you AND others


Use your clear mind to create a sassy world

RW  Task

Thoughts and actions that serve you AND others

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