Season 2 Episode 14 Minimumal Viable Planning

Season 2 Episode 14 Minimumal Viable Planning

Today's Topic – Stop over planning


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Podcast Show Flow

  • What is the idea of Minimumal Viable Planning (MV Planning)
  • Goal of MV Planning
    • Show the needed roadway to get something done
  • Tools You need
    • The Five Steps to Achieve your goals – Brendon Burchard
      • This might take research
      • Sample 5 Goals to Selling Courses Online
        • Curriculum
        • Find a message for an audience
        • Beta Launch Course
        • Course Launch
        • Evergreen Launch
      • Minimize your life focusing on what is important
        • Fear of the Theory of 4 Burners James Clear
        • Reducing your decision
        • Outsource As You can
      • Budget for time and money
    • What you need to do
      • Outline what you need to get each of the five things
        • Who, What, When, Where, Why, How
      • Rate on a scale of 1-10 how proficient your are each thing your need
        • Hint if you do not know where to start then your skill is 1
      • Turn your outline into a list
        • Asana or Trello work great
      • Look at the first Item. Can you do the work to achieve it. If you can do it
        • Only learn what you need to get the next task done
        • Do the work as you are learning.
        • Finish the other learning later. Move on to the next task when you finish


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