Season 2 Episode 15 Is Cyberpunk 2077 really problematic

Season 2 Episode 15 Is Cyberpunk 2077 really problematicsee

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Today's Topic – Stop over planning

  • Disclaimer about qualifications and knowledge on the subject
  • Disclaimer this is not about gameplay or bugs
  • The Cyberpunk 2077 complaints sound familiar
    • Transphobic
    • Poor Haitian Star
    • Poor treatment
    • Cultural appropriation
    • Toxic Fan-base
    • Causing Seizures
    • … I will miss many and for that, I apologize
  • The Genre is mean to show a punk backlash vs a corporate world where everyone is marginalized… taking the way we marginalized people and expanding it.
  • Cyberpunk vs our world
    • Algorithms not implants
    • Influencer vs Followers
    • Marinizing individuals
    • Too much white noise
    • Large corporations us information to try and segment people to buying their products. Smaller corporation try the same to start carving out a niche
  • Conclusions
    • It is more than okay to be offended by a cyberpunk setting… dystopian fiction must do this
    • More time is needed to see if the genre was used as a cover to generate buzz
    • Should we want fiction devoid of images that are offensive and is that even possible?
      • Even being offended can be offensive
    • Where is the line been fascination and appropriation?
    • Is a corporation that points to problematic behavior to get attention committing the same problematic behavior?

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Do a good deed in opposition of every offense you see

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Consider challenging thoughts in your art

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Do a good deed in opposition of every offense you see

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