Season 2 Episode 17 Let’s add tech into our world

Season 2 Episode 17 Let’s add tech into our world

Podcast Show Flow

Today's Topic – Stop over planning

  • What is world tech
    • As you go culture, race, and state tech
  • Episode 116: The Simple, Succinct Technology Level Method
    • Agriculture
    • Energy
    • Communication
    • Engineering
    • Trades
    • Transportation
    • Cultural
    • Religious
    • Scientific
    • Magic — Not today
  • Islands and the exception of agriculture rules
  • Where is the tech used?
  • Who used the tech?
  • What does the tech do?
  • When does the technology start?
  • How long is the technology important?
  • Why is this important?

Worldbuilding Task

Level up your tech

RW  Task

Get out of social media, watch the social dilemma AND TURN OFF EVERY APP NOTIFICATION

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Do a good deed in opposition of every offense you see

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