Season 2 Episode 18 Let’s make magic

Season 2 Episode 18 Let’s make magic

Today's Topic – Less magic Rules more

Podcast Show flow

  • What is world tech
    • As you go culture, race, and state tech
  • Framework vs 7 Rules of magic systems
    • Not a system yet
  • Where is the magic performed?
    • Anywhere
    • Place of power help
  • What can the magic not do or can?
    • Not done by the user
    • Hierarchy of spirits – Ghost, Soul, Nature Spirtes, Wandering Spirits, Guardians, gods, the older ones
    • Other Planer, Cursed or GMO-Free
  • When can the magic be performed?
    • Anytime but takes time
    • Can be stored
    • Spirit work better at fix
  • Who can perform the magic?
    • Anyone, but someone attuned is the winner
  • How is the magic performed?
    • Supernatural
  • Why is the form of magic used?
    • Protect yourself from the supernatural and aid yourself in the world

Worldbuilding Task

Create your words

RW  Task

Relax to the Prestige

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Do a good deed in opposition of every offense you see

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