Season 2 Episode 21 Searching for the Devil

Season 2 Episode 21 Searching for the Devil

Today's Topic – Less magic Rules more

Podcast Show flow

  • Do you need to have good answers to all the questions?
  • Remember this is a framework so the fifth contact is not ready to start
  • Revisiting the frame
    • Have you looked at the basics of what you know?
    • First Contact (Overview)
      • Determine your Frame The area you want to explore
    • Second Contact (The Basics)
      • Frame Outline
    • Third Contact
      • Identify Needs (Cultures, Religions, languages, States, People)
    • Four Contact
    • Fifth Contact
  • Is the framework done for not so Waterworld?
  • Consider a full story outline
  • Revisit your framework and add as needed

Worldbuilding Task

Outline a story for your world

RW  Task

Finish up your framework as needed Contact your family

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