Season 2 Episode 24 Mending the campaign

Season 2 Episode 24 Mending the campaign

Today's Topic – Let’s Build a new Campaign, part 3

Podcast Show flow

  • Character conflict / ensemble
    • Theme:
      • What lines are too far?
      • And is good and bad?
      • Lizard sense of family
    • Why the invasion
      • In search of food
      • You are just a cow
      • The closest island is running out of food
    • High Fantasy
    • The Journey for the Item
      • The Frog hero bob is not of the right class
        • Shamans for war
        • Gender swapping frog
        • What changes the way things are
          • First, contact this time with lizard
        • Climax Choose
          • Finally to change beneath to farm tool power gain
          • Peaceful Pete learns about a family connection to frogs
          • Forged by a god
        • Path to resolution
          • What is the setback for Pete
            • How does he recover
          • What is the setback for Bob
            • How does he recover
          • What happens when Bob gets the item
          • Prove the relationship is key to peace Trident is needed
          • Main story resolution
            • Bob loses all gender and uses the trident to prove the link
            • Peaceful Pete – Holds the Alamo and new shaman follow Pete’s
            • Evil Ed (Lizard Leader) – Exiled with Shaman
            • Silly Shamans() – Exiled with Shaman
          • Side quests and Random scenes stored
          • Character log
          • Player knowledge
        • The next season
          • Characters Details

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