Season 4 Episode 7 How do you get around

Season 4 Episode 7 How do you get around

Today's Topic – A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!” And More if you can teleport

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Is the Tavern trope bad?
  • I know more about Mainly English travel. Japan and Arabic versions are being looked into
  • Surplus or Religion leads to Traveling for all peoples in the middle ages
  • Until Trains and massive ships changed it all again
  • Before long-distance travel was for the rich and their parties
    • Caravans if stuck on land, ships being preferred
  • Walking, Eating, Sleeping for the lower classes
    • Walking and maybe hitchhiking
      • 10 miles a day up to 40 for courier
      • Up to 6o miles by horse
    • Eating Travel food stews and porridge not 9 days old
      • Inn if in a larger town or at locals house (bed and breakfast)
      • Hunting and fishing might have local laws
        • Dog or Ferret
      • Camping or lodging
        • Inn if you could, private homes, barns, or empty stables
        • Under the thicket
      • How could this be affected in a fantasy setting
        • Good
        • Bad

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Think about your setting how far do people have to travel to work, How far can they go for fun

The Real-world Task for the Day

Walk to work for a month

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